2018 Rally Runners
 1  CREW Anne Alberg
 Anne Alberg - Crew on Arctic Loon
 2  CREW Emerald Mistress
 Pam and Bob Vizenor
 3  CREW Whisky Run
 Doug Lomard
 4  S/V Agatha
 Victoria Palmer and Bill Champion
 5  S/V Alabama
 John Giuliano
 6  S/V Arctic Loon
 Anne Alberg and Diana Trump
 7  S/V Blue Oasis
 Barry Constant and Cathy Barnes
 8  S/V Capella III
 Claudia and Colin Bancroft
 9  S/V Coquette
 Cathy Sherwood & Kent Prowley
 10  S/V Eclipse
 Gleb and Sherry Krivosheev
 11  S/V Jean Anne
 Steve Olson
 12  S/V North Star
 Cynthia and Dale Carlton
 13  S/V Reality Check
 Janet and Chris Michaelsen
 14  S/V Slythy Toves
 Marcus Cox
 15  S/V Waponi Woo
 Caroline and Ryan Spott

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